Antioxidants protects your body

Antioxidants protects the body. They can be found both in very nutritious foods and naturally in the body’s cells as different enzyms.

The body produces some antioxidants to protect the body’s tissues and organs. But to get full protection from oxidative stress which cause cell damage and aging you should get strong antioxidants through your diet to minimize these negative effects.

Antioxidants occurs naturally in diets rich in fruits, berries, nuts, vegetables and in different spices for example. Some antioxidants the body must get through the diet like Vitamin-C, Vitamin-E, selenium and copper etc. The scientists continuously discover new antioxidants and vitamins which we need to get through our diet.

Superfoods are the unbeatable nutrition source as many of them contains a big or super high content of natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants as well as other body protecting substances in their natural form.

This is no simple source of synthetic vitamins but only the complex natural source with thousands of help substances for each vitamin which makes it more effective and without any harmful side effects.

Just one example: To overdose on lemons is pretty hard to achieve but to overdose on ascorbic acid (vitamin C ) or any other syntetic vitamin is pretty easy. Even the common vitamin C has some really nasty side effects in its syntetic form.

Body straining activities is something we are exposed to through our lifestyles, at work or through the food we eat.

Superfoods contain many strong and complex antioxidants that will keep your body’s cells vital and healthy and protect your body from the strain bad foods and negative stress can cause. You should avoid cereals and processed food that will strain instead of protect your body. More on processed food and cereal grains later.

Enjoy our antioxidant rich products.