Adaptogens strengthens your body

Adaptogens are a set of natural and biological active substances.

The unique effects of adaptogens registers your bodies needs and helps it strengthen specific problem areas, like your immune system, hormones or stress.

To some, these claims might sound to good to be true, but recent studies support them. Adaptogens are probably the hottest things on the holistic healing scene today.

The different positive effects adaptogens can have on your body can be both external and internal. Like protecting the body from harm from factors like strain, cold, heat, injuries and premature aging, and internal like anxiety and depression as well as protection against evironmental toxins.

The adaptogens protect your body from internal and external damage.

Different adaptogens have different degrees of effect. At Healthy with Nature we offer our customers the best adaptogens available, found for example in our Majestic Chaga Tea.

Chaga is considered the king in adaptogenic medicinal mushrooms because of its wonderfully positive effects on the body.

Even though adaptogens don't affect the central nervous system like nicotine and caffeine do, it still provides a positive reinforcement on your stamina, mood and concentration.

Adaptogens regulates the bodies stress levels, immune system, your hormonal balance so it behaves normal even under taxing situations and can even increase your metabolism.

Drinking too much caffeine can have an unwanted effect of making you feel stressed and even cause nausea. This is usually because your central nervous system gets overstimulated by the caffeine. With adaptogens you don't have to worry about these side effects. Because you no longer stimulate your central nervous system, but instead you are strengthening your body and central nervous system by introducing natural and super healthy adaptogens to your body that have all of the invigorating effects of these other stressful stimulants. You get all the benefits without any of the side effects.

Adaptogens have even been proven to help people with certain vitamin deficiencies.

The adaptogens can increase the effect of existing vitamins in your system to compensate for low levels. The same effects have been shown on people who are physically active compared to people who aren't. They use their consumed vitamins more effectively.

My thesis on this is that the sensitivity in receptors are heightened through an increased blood flow in the body when using adaptogens. The same effects can be seen in people who are physically active on a regular basis or have an active life style in general.

What adaptogens can do for you

They can help bring you an overall calmness, better concentration and an increased ability for rational thinking even under pressure.

Some of the documented effects of adaptogens are also that they help you keep your focus, better stamina, increased strength and a more stabile mind, better sleep and in turn reduce depression.