Chaga Cinnamon Ginger Christmas Tea

If you want a great tasting super tea with with zero caffeine this is it. An invigorating sophisticated tea with hints of citrus, powerful chaga, ginger and cinnamon mix.
This tea is made with Ceylon Cinnamon Tea that tends to be sweeter with hints of citrus and has a more sophisticated aroma. You can of course use Cassia Cinnamon but the taste will be much stronger and more spicy .

Chaga together with cinnamon and ginger is great for the stomach and will also help to digest your food. You or your guests will feel alive and full of energy with this Chaga tea combination.

We can almost guarantee a wow comment from somebody who tries this recipe! If you like a sweeter tea just add organic honey or stevia.

  • Take 500-1000 ml cold clean water
  • Add 1 tbsp Majestic Chaga Tea
  • and 1-2 pcs organic Ceylon cinnamon sticks – which we prefer
  • Together with 1-5 cm chopped organic ginger.
  • Peal and chop up the ginger. By keeping your ginger in the freezer will make it last longer
  • Put the cold water on the stove and add the Majestic Chaga Tea, cinnamon stick and ginger and bring it to a slow boil. If you use Ceylon cinnamon sticks you can break it into two pieces. Cassia cinnamon is much harder to break into smaller pieces and can boil in one piece.
  • You need to bring the tea mix to a slow boil to properly release the cinnamon, chaga and ginger flavours.
  • Once the water with the ingredients start to boil, remove from stove top and let it rest for 15 minutes.
  • Reheat. Since you had to cool it down to release the cinnamon, the tea is now luke warm. That means you have to reheat it. A medium heat is best.
  • Strain the water into a mug to separate the pieces of the Majestic Chaga Tea, ginger and the cinnamon stick. You can reboil the mixture until the chaga doesn’t give any more flavor or color. Just add new ginger and cinnamon to taste and remove old cinnamon sticks and ginger pieces.