Raw Riceing Star Protein

A ecological, vegetarian and allergyfriendly raw sprouted brown rice protein. Flavoured with our best raw Criollo cacao and a small amount of stevia for the herb's natural sweetness and because it is free from calories. The protein contains all over 80% complete protein with a bioavailability of approx 98%. Perfect for those with sensitive stomachs as it is extremely digestible and easily obtainable by the body. The best protein with minimum impact upon mother earth.

Product Description

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Use 20-50 grams or 2-6 tbsp to mix a raw protein drink/smoothie. Start with mixing Raw Riceing Star Protein with a small amount of liquid. Add more liquid. Mix or dilute with nut milk, water or any other liquid.

Think about

You should on daily basis consum vitamines, minerals and essential proteins through the diet.
Food supplements is a complement to your diet but should not be a replacement to a balanced diet.


Raw sprouted brown rice protein (80% adequate amino acids)*, raw Criollo cacao*, stevia*

*Organic ingredient