Raw Happy Cacao

As the name describes a raw and organic cacao. Our raw cacao beans is cold grinded at a temperature at maximum 42 degrees Celsius/107.6 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a very low temperature compared to conventional roasting and grinding at high temperatures.
At higher temperatures up to 60% of the beneficial phytochemicals in the raw cacao bean will be destroyed. Happy Raw Cacao contains a high percentage of natural antioxidants. Happy Raw Cacao also contains natural phenethylamine and tryptophan that can be converted into serotonin in the body. These substances can make us feel happy and more harmonious. No wonder that raw cacao was valued higher than gold, used as currency and was regarded as the food of the gods in ancient times.

Product Description


Happy Raw Cacao is a clean and ecological product with much flavor. Use for baking, desserts, rawballs and bars, chocolate drinks, smoothies and more. Only your imagination sets the limit of how you can use Raw Happy Cacao.


Raw Ecuadorian cacao powder*
*Raw and organic