Protein Chia Chew Shake

A raw, vegetarian and ecological superfood protein mixture with chia seeds and raw cacao. It contains all necessary proteins and essential fatty acids as omega-3, gelatinized fibres, vitamins, minerals and many well-known antioxidants. This is not all. It also includes the adaptogenic super root maca. The ultimate training drink and meal replacement in our eyes.

Don't forget to chew your Chia Chew Shake to activate your stomach and get all omega3-fatty acids from the chia seeds. Drink, chew and and enjoy!

Product Description

Good to know

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Use approx 3-4 deciliters of water, nut milk or your favourite liquid and mix with 2-4 tbsp (15-30 grams) Protein Chia Chew Shake in a blender or shake the drink in a shaker.
For a more luxurious drink also add approx 1 deciliter frozen/unfrozen berries into a drink blender and dilute with liquid to desired consistency. Don’t forget to chew the Chia Chew Shake to activate your stomach and obtain all the omega3-fatty acids out of the chia seeds. Drink, chew and enjoy!

Think about

The chia seeds’ in the drink have a high content of gelatinized fibres which retain liquid so be aware that after a couple of minutes your pudding/drink successively will become thicker in its consistency. These gelatinized fibres can help ”troubled stomaches”! Mix preferably in a good blender to obtain all omega3-fatty acids in the chia seeds in your Protein Chia Chew Shake.


Raw hemp protein*, raw whole black and white chia seeds*, raw cacao*, raw black maca*, raw lucuma*, stevia*
*Organic ingredient