Majestic Chaga Tea

The popularity of Chaga heavily depends on the fact that it is regarded as the king of medicinal mushrooms. Many people like Chaga tea for its unique taste and adaptogenic effects.
Chaga is a superfood which contains big quantities of antioxidants, vitamines, trace elements, phytonutrients, SOD (Superoxiddismutas), minerals etc. Chaga is so nutritious that nearly no other health foods are able to compete with it. One of the body's most important antioxidants is the enzym SOD (Superoxiddismutas). Chaga contains the highest level of SOD compared to other health foods.

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Product Description

Good to know

Majestic Chaga Tea is an adaptogen and also a supplement and should be used accordingly. You can form your own opinion on the Internet or we refer you to our Science & Facts section where you can read about health effects, studies and find more facts about our products.


Add approx 1 tbsp Chaga to 1 liter of water. Crush the pieces or boil them whole on a low heat i 1-3 minutes in a pot. You can dilute with fresh water on the Chaga tea several times.
Boil the Chaga many times until it does not leave any more amber colour in the water. To release the last nutrition after many brewings it can be boiled for more than 30 minutes.
1 tbsp’s of Chaga can give several liters of tea so do not throw away after the first brewing.
Drink 1-4 cups of Chaga each day.

Think about

Use carefully if you consume many and/or strong medicines. Chaga may increase the effect of some medicines as diabetic and blood-thinning medicines etc. Consult your doctor about your own medicines.


Raw dried Chaga, Scandinavian origin*
*Wildharvested/Ecological product