Magical Maca

The highest quality of maca root from Peru. Magical Maca is gelatinized. Gelatinization means that much of the starch/carbohydrates have been removed. This process makes it more concentrated and is becomes easier to digest. Magical Maca dissolves better. This top quality of gelatinized maca has a light caramel flavor and tastes fantastic. Get an extra boost with Magical Maca!

Product Description

Good to know

Our Magical Maca is five times more concentrated than regular maca. 5 kg normal maca has been reduced to make 1 kg Magical Maca. This is what makes our Maca Magical!


Take 1-3 tsp and mix in a smoothie or with your breakfast or use in a simple dessert. This peruvian superfood gives you a unique taste experience. Magical Maca tastes great together with cocoa/chocolate products.


Gelatinized Maca* (5:1)
*Raw and organic