Impressive Matcha

A hand picked Tencha green tea from the highly regarded tea harvesting region Kyoto in Japan. The quality of this stone grounded organic tea is superior. Impressive Matcha is made according to the traditional Japanese Matcha tea ceremony.

Product Description

Good to know

Impressive Matcha contains an unique combination of nutrients and vitamins A, C and E. The Matcha also contains the amino acid L-theanine that works in synergy with the small amount of caffeine that the tea leaves contain. The natural concentration of L-theanine is four times higher than low grade green tea. It has a soothing but uplifting effect which is unique. Please consider that the matcha taste can differ depending on how you prepare it. Several factors as temperature, fluid amount and how well you whisk affects the taste experience.


Take a wide cup or a small bowl and add 1/2-1 dl water. Add approx 1 tsp Impressive Matcha powder to the water. Whisk with a milk frother so the Impressive Matcha starts dissolving properly. Then add approx 2 dl hot water and continue whisking so you get a matcha foam on top. The foam enhances the taste so strive to get the best Matcha-foam possible. You can also whisk Matcha in about 60-70 C degree water to the desired strength and thickness. Impressive Matcha is also ideal in smoothies, breakfast, desserts, pastries and ice cream etc. Or make a really nice and simple Impressive Matcha latte. Use your imagination finding your own favorite recipe!

The Matcha tea should be consumed as soon as possible. Keep it in the original bag in your fridge and make sure the bag is airtight.


Matcha Tea* from Kyoto, Japan
*Raw and organic