Edgy Mean Green Detox

A powerful mixture of green superfoods with some of the most nutritious greens the planet has to offer. Rich in chlorophyll, full with natural vitamines and nutrients.
But this is not everything. Edgy Mean Green Detox also is alkalizing and in a concentrated form with detoxifying properties. What more can your body and soul desire from mother earth?

Product Description

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Use 1-4 tsp/portion per day. Mix first of all with a small amount, approx 1 deciliter, liquid. Then dilute your green drink with more liquid to desired taste and volume. Blend in water, juice or find your own favourite liquid. Let your imagination decide what you choose to enrich. We like to do our own super pesto or blend green super pancakes for example.


Spirulina*, barley grass*, moringa*, chlorella*, baobab*

*Organic ingredient