Chaka Maca Boost

An energy giving superfood drink with raw cacao. It contains many unique properties like natural phenetylamine that can give you a sense of well being. Chaka Maca Boost contains the adaptogenic super root maca and energy giving guarana. The combination of the raw cacao, energy boosting ingredients and an adaptogen makes this product a real grown ups chocolate drink.

Product Description

Good to know

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Add 2-3 tsp (15-30 grams) Chaka Maca Boost and mix with 2-3 deciliters of your favourite liquid. We recommend hot Majestic Chaga Tea with 1 tsp virgin coconut oil and then you add 2-4 tsp Chaka Maca Boost. Stir and enjoy ”Chaga” Chaka Maca Boost the most nutrional energy boost you may have experienced. Drink 1-3 cups/day or according to your health advisor’s prescription.

Think about

Avoid drinking beverages containing caffeine in connection with a cup of Chaka Maca Boost as it itself contains guarana/caffeine. Excessive consumption of caffeine is not recommended.


Raw criollo cacao*, gelatinized super maca 10:1* , guarana*, stevia*
*Organic ingredient